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Light up Your Event!

Forget the ordinary, ignite the extraordinary with Stella's Stogies Events! We're not just a cigar shop; we're your gateway to curated experiences that leave your guests buzzing. Elevate your next event with the art of cigar-smoking and the pulse of vibrant gatherings. No matter your vision, Stella's Stogies crafts the perfect smoke and sizzle for your event.

Step into a world of possibilities:


The Ultimate Cigar Experience

Elevate your event with an unforgettable cigar lounge expereience, expertly crafted to enhance your special occasion. Our ultimate package includes a selection of premium cigars, and an outdoor lounge setup complemented by our knowledgeable baristas to serve and assist your guest in cigar selections. 

Cigarchuterie Board

Customizable charcuterie style cigar board that fits your needs for your event. 


Purchase & Carry

Choose a selection of cigars and accessories for your event. Purchase to be made at the store. 

Click the button below to contact us to learn more and let's make your event a masterpiece of luxury and laughter.

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